What is nesterly?
nesterly is a social enterprise that offers a single, streamlined solution to the dual challenges of aging-in-place and housing affordability. Our digital interface helps pair older households who have spare bedrooms with young people who are willing to exchange help around the house for cheaper rent. For instance, a graduate student might move in with a recent widow, and pay just $700 per month instead of the market rate of $1,000. In exchange, the student might walk the homeowner’s dog a few times per week and cook dinner for the two of them on Tuesdays. With more than 50 million bedrooms sitting empty each night, and many people living in housing that is mismatched to their needs, it’s time for a new approach.

How does it work?
nesterly makes it easy for users to establish task-housing arrangements through three easy steps:
1. Both hosts and guests use our friendly profile creator tool to provide pictures of themselves and describe their lifestyle and living expectations. Hosts post the room(s) they are offering and the help they hope to receive in return, and guests list the tasks they are willing to complete in exchange for reduced rent.
2. Users can connect securely within the platform to find the best match for their needs.
3. Once users are comfortable with their matches, nesterly’s simple plug-and-play contracting tool empowers hosts and guests to easily compose an agreement that describes the rent terms and service exchange agreements.
Hosts and guests can then track their arrangement through nesterly on an ongoing basis, certifying task completions and paying rent all within the user-friendly platform.

How is this different from other sites?
While there are platforms designed for home-sharing and platforms designed to find help around the house, there is currently no platform that combines the two to facilitate these critical task-housing arrangements. nesterly is also different in that it occupies the space between short-term vacation stays and long-term rentals, opening up the market for medium-term housing that is so important for students and others who move around frequently. nesterly carries out robust vetting, and allows users to manage their housing arrangement simply and easily through the platform, neither of which are available through other services.

Why is this important?
The affordability crisis is at an all-time high in cities across the country, while the senior population is expected to double by 2050. By pairing younger renters with older homeowners, we can create new affordable housing at no cost while simultaneously enabling people to comfortably age-in-place.

Where is nesterly operating?
nesterly is gearing up to pilot our model in the northeast during the summer of 2017, with plans to roll out more broadly in time for the start of the new school year in September. If you think your city needs nesterly, let us know via email!

How do I sign up?
nesterly is currently in private beta, but you can sign up here to be the first to know about new developments and releases!

Who are you guys?
We are an experienced team of designers, technologists, public servants, business leaders, and housing experts, who convened at MIT around a shared interest in addressing the affordability crisis. We’re committed to solving big civic problems with innovative technologies, and we’re excited to grow nesterly into a flexible solution for people everywhere.

I’d like to work at nesterly; do you have any job openings?
We’re always looking for passionate, talented people to join our team. If you think you’re a good fit or if you’d just like to learn more, send us your resume and tell us how you’d like to contribute.